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A civil construction project is a large undertaking and it’s easy to overlook certain aspects. Employing the services of an established consulting firm will ensure that the entire project is handled by professionals with all the necessary knowledge and experience. Serling Consulting has forty years of providing successful project management services under their belt, and know exactly what is required to complete your civil project within all time and budget constraints. Contact us for your next civil project.


Providing value-added services

Consulting services:

  • Project management of land development
  • Civil engineering and infrastructure projects
  • Providing engineering input for structure planning

In addition to our engineering skills, we have a design and drafting team that works closely with our engineers to deliver world-class infrastructure and land development projects.

How can we help you?

We undertake feasibility servicing and cost-estimate development studies to assist you with your land acquisitions. With our extensive, highly-capable team, we are able to meet the needs of a growing client base within the land development and infrastructure markets in Western Australia.

The Serling Consulting structure provides exceptional consulting efficiencies; when you work with us, we assign you a nominated Serling Consulting Project Manager, who will be your one-stop contact for any communications. They will keep you up to date on progress at all times, making sure you are always in the know and involved in the project. We are also available for project work on an ‘as required’ basis.

Quality services

Serling Consulting has a reputation within the industry as a company which continuously provides a high standard of service to its clients. This has resulted in some of our employees being recognised with acceptance on a number of important industry panels including:

  • LandCorp Civil Engineering panel – as a Tier 2 engineer to undertake projects in excess of $50M – One of only six consulting engineers on the LandCorp panel;
  • Water Corporation Panel of Prequalified Developer’s Engineering Consultants;
  • PTA Consultants Panel 2 – Rail Infrastructure;
  • The Perth Airport Civil Panel;
  • City of Stirling Development Services Panel.

Why choose us?

  • We provide value-added services beyond the normal role of the project civil consulting engineer.
  • Engineering inputs and feasibility studies are a feature of our consulting services.
  • Experienced senior management responsible for projects.
  • Specialists in land development works.
  • Superior staff experience in delivery of complex projects on tight deadlines.

Before you start your next building project contact us for a chat, you’ll be glad you did.



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