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Sustainable Civil Engineering

The way we interact with the environment is changing. From the way industries operate through to our individual choices, people are becoming more aware of the impact of our actions on the environment. As the backbone of communities and cities, civil engineers have the opportunity to really make a difference.   Providing the infrastructure and resources that we use on a daily basis, civil engineers design and craft our world from the ground up. With the chance to put sustainable system...

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How to Find the Right Civil Engineer


Complex construction and infrastructure projects require expert advice and guidance to safeguard their success. As experienced and reputable professionals, civil engineers specialise in planning, managing and executing projects with expertise. The right civil engineer will be equipped with experience and insight relevant to your project, allowing you to minimise stress, maximise productivity and avoid unexpected delays and consequences. Find out more about the qualities to look for and how to...

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Engineering Industry Panel Recognition: What it Means for Your Project

Site Service Engineering Consultants You Can Trust

Looking for an expert civil engineer? Learn more about why industry recognition matters and how it could impact your civil engineering project. When it comes to working with a civil engineer, qualifications, experience, reputation and skills are the most important considerations. Good civil engineers are often recognised by industry bodies, peers and panels for their contribution and expertise in civil engineering, indicating their professionalism and suitability for a number of different pro...

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Civil Engineering: How We Shape Society

Civil Engineering Perth Mddels Byford Village Shopping Centre

As one of the world’s oldest professions, civil engineering has powered technological and societal advancement across the world. Throughout history, civil engineering has involved the design, planning and execution of buildings, facilities and infrastructure to create developed, sustainable and rewarding places to live and work. Civil engineering infiltrates all aspects of development and construction and impacts virtually all infrastructure required to run modern cities and societies. From...

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New Byford Town Centre Involvement

New Byford Town Centre Roadworks Plan

Serling Consulting continues to have significant ongoing involvement into the development of the upcoming suburb of Byford within the thriving Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale. In 2015 Serling Consulting was appointed as the Consultant for Civil Engineering services for both the new Coles subdivisional development and the Byford Village Shopping Centre located in the new Byford Town Centre, 40km Southwest of Perth. Both projects are well underway and scheduled to be completed in time for Christmas...

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